This agreement has been written to familiarize you, the client, with the basic terms and conditions that promote a successful personal training experience.


ABOUT PERSONAL TRAINING: Participating in personal training can help you develop positive exercise habits, enhance your health and well-being, improve your body composition and posture, increase your self-confidence, and boost sports performance. While there are no guarantees, training on a consistent basis should help you look, feel, and perform better. You have the right to know generally about my experience and education. You also have the right to end personal training at any time.

SESSIONS AND FEES: Personal training sessions consist of a 55-minute hour. To be effective, personal training needs to take place on a regular basis. The best results occur when you schedule a minimum of two sessions per week and maintain regular attendance at training sessions. Depending on your goals, independently performed workouts outside of training sessions may be strongly encouraged. Payment is due in full at the time services are rendered. Sessions cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24-hour notice will be charged the full fee. Refunds are not offered for unused sessions. A full fee schedule is available upon request.

NUTRITION: Developing positive nutrition habits is a big part of building a healthy lifestyle and your dietary choices can have dramatic effects on your personal training results.

But our relationship with food is oftentimes complex and uniquely personal, both biologically and emotionally speaking. To make lasting change, a long-term commitment on both the part of the coach and the client is required. Given the complexity and commitment required for nutrition and lifestyle coaching, I have partnered with Precision Nutrition to offer a comprehensive and proven solution. Through ProCoach, I will be guiding you through a curriculum based, habit-building program that has the built-in flexibility to adjust to your individual preferences and unique circumstances. The program is included free of charge. Participation is optional, although strongly encouraged. 

PROMISE: My promise to you is that if you give me your time and effort, I will do everything I can to provide guidance, encouragement, and assistance to help you achieve your goals. Understand that my role as a trainer is separate from that of a physical therapist, chiropractor, or registered dietitian and that there are certain things that lie outside of my scope of practice that I will not be able to address or resolve. However, within my power and to the best of my ability, I will fully invest myself into finding solutions to any blocks, obstructions, leaks, or drains that might hinder your progress towards becoming your best self.

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